Automated source code conversion that works

RPG to Java / C#

The first edition of the Neograms converter handles RPG, a legacy language by IBM found on AS400/IBMi servers with more than 10,000 sites still in production today.

Expertise in the RPG language is becoming increasingly rare. The risk is to suddendly become unable to maintain your critical code.

Neograms provides a way out. Don’t wait until you’re stuck and start converting now (contact us if you need support for other languages)

To convert or not ?

There are many options to deal with a mountain of legacy source code: keep it, rewrite from scratch, replace with a package, emulate, convert…

No answer fits all cases, it all depends on your specific project. It’s essential to evaluate all options before embarking on a modernization project.

Conversion that works

You’ve probably heard that automated migration tools don’t work – if not, search for “Jobol” and read horror stories.

Well, that was before Neograms. Our generated code is readable, maintainable, and tuned to your specific requirements.

To learn more, read about the technology, see conversion examples, and try it for yourself.

Do it yourself…

The RPG to Java converter is available for a reasonable monthly fee, no strings attached. Stop or pause your license any time. Contact

The converter can be used on your project in-house. We provide training and consulting to help you use our automated tools by yourself.

This option helps your application experts share their knowledge, and train them in an incremental way to a new programming environment.

… or hire our partners

Alternatively, you can outsource your conversion project to our local IT services partner with expertise in the Neograms converter.

We partner with IT service providers to provide you with a complete migration experience. Currently we have partners in France, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, and the US.

Consulting services

Neograms has deep expertise in everything related to source code manipulation.

We can provide consulting services on topics such as source code modernization, compilers, domain-specific language design, structured editors, tool support.

Get in touch and let’s discuss what we can do for you.